The Sally Blagg Mission

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The only way to know is to walk, then learn, and grow.
— Lauryn Hill, "I Get Out"

The Sally Blagg Approach


Sally Blagg takes a systems approach that utilizes methods of critical ethnography to combine our local knowledge and community connectedness with the brain power and expertise of the Prima Saura Institute. Our agency is improving the efficiency of our client’s projects in collaboration with their public.

The result: measurable progress and lasting relationships that produce real, impactful change.


1. Observation

As social and critical ethnographers, you won’t find us confined to an office. Through the Prima Saura Institute, we work in tandem with local neighborhoods to establish relationships with its members; our goal is to become intimately familiar with the objectives and assets presently active.

This hands-on approach allows our subject matter experts to analyze the trends and behaviors, beneficial to identifying opportunities for education, efficiency and collaboration.


2. Strategy

When transitioning from observation to implementation, solution oriented strategy is the basis of our proactive approach. The Prima Saura Institute at Sally Blagg breathes life into the lungs of our methodology.

We offer organizational guidance, planning support and an unwavering commitment to the people involved in the process - adding value where we can.


3. Implementation

After developing a collaborative strategy, we put our hand-selected, team of experts to work in service of our defined goals. Access to our internal brain trust provides our clients with the necessary expertise to bring their projects through the implementation process.

Prima Saura Institute members and subject matter experts present decades of work and experience in the world to our collaborative planning and implementation processes.
Each member is up-to-date on the most current research and development in their respective fields. Together with your team, we ensure a seamless effort and outcome to your goals and objectives.

4. Follow Up

Sally Blagg is dedicated to empowering our clients as thought leaders and ensuring progressive results. Once the collaborative strategy is in motion, the central focus becomes measuring the intended progress and overall effectiveness of our developed strategy.

Our team is committed to guiding the data collection and analyzation processes necessary for maximizing efficiency.